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Earth Day Picnic

We are
Dizzy's Grill & Bistro-Dizzy's Social Club.
We are twelve years old.
We are locally owned and managed.
We believe a restaurant should be the embodiment of the local culture, representing the social fabric of life and community.
We are your casual luncheons, intimate dinners, reunions, wedding receptions, baby showers, birthday parties and family gatherings.
We help create vignettes of love and friendship.
Here, you slow down... exhale... and savor the moment. 
We are your neighborhood bistro and this is our mission.


"Dizzy's will make your head spin..."
-Arkansas Business

Our community has afforded us the opportunity to blend business, hedonism, and social activism.

We believe in:

• The absolute beauty of cultural diversity.
• Tolerance.
• Positive, progressive politics for the people.
• The arts and humanities.
• The stability and unconditional love of family.
• Interjection of the human element in all we do.
• The Golden Rule.
• The perfect marriage of butter, cream and vine ripened tomatoes.
• Great wines.
• Heady Coffee.
• Dave Matthews.
• Flying stone gargoyles.
• The color red.
• White candles.
• Africa... all travel... interaction with and respect for those who aren't like you.
• Kindness
•Activism and ownership.
• Environmental responsibility. We also take an active role in what has come to be known as the "Go Green Initiative," a global conservation-based environmental movement. For more info, see our Go Green page.

• At Dizzy's we make our sauces, dressings, soups, quiches, salsa, pesto, alfredo, and marinara from scratch, every day.
• Nothing comes from a jar or can... to your table.
• We hand cut our vegetables every day.
• Nothing comes from a bag.... even the garlic and romaine is shipped whole.
• We use Starbucks® coffee and Himalayan tea.
• We don't cut costs.
• We buy the best cheeses and meats.
• We don't believe in margarine and focus on the emphasis of "heavy" in heavy cream.
• Here, you get what you pay for. Our portions are large and your entrée is never pre-made.
Yum! See you soon!

Dr. Sam Taggart of Benton, AR. "We All Hear Voices" Book Launch,  Signing Event at Dizzys!
Lewis Lighting and Home Beyond Photography A Sweet Salon "Eco-Hero," an article written about Dizzy's Owner Darla Huie for Arkansas Green Guide.

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