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By changing a few habits, you can reduce your carbon and environmental impact footprint.

• Turn off all lights when you leave a room.Go Green Logo
• When your lights burn out, replace them with compact fluourescent bulbs.
• Do not leave electronic devices on "standby," turn them off.
• Reduce shower and bath water use by one half.
• Don't leave hot water running while you brush your teeth.
• Wait until you have a full load before starting the dishwasher or washing machine.
• Reuse bath towels and wear clothing more than once, when practical.
• Reduce by one half the quantity of dish soap, laundry detergent, and cleaning chemicals you use.
• Ask for and purchase biodegradable, environmentally friendly personal hygiene and household cleaning products.
• Patronize retailers implementing environmentally sound business practices.
• Ask for recycled packaging, bags, and carry-out containers.
• Use recycled paper goods at home.
• Do not use herbicides. Bend over and pluck weeds rather than contaminating your environment.
• Use pesticides sparingly, if at all. (Google search reduction in honeybee, songbird, butterfly, etc. populations.)
• Xeriscape. Landscape with indigenous plant species, plant prairie grasses and wildflower borders rather than battling thirsty, non-native plants and grasses which require chemical and hydro-interventions.
• Install programmable thermostats which cycle up or down automatically when you are not home.
• Use solar powered landscape accent lighting.
• You can turn up the thermostat two or three degrees in the summer if you wear fewer clothes at home during the summer and use lightweight bedding.
• Buy a fuel effecient automobile and park the SUV.

Here's what we're doing.

Eco-Hero Darla Huie!
• Recycling our waste oil.
• Using no herbicides.
• Using only foodsafe pesticides, very sparingly.
• Converting all lights to compact fluourescents.
• Utilizing programmable thermostats throughout the building.
• Moving condensers out of the building and onto the rooftop.
• Refrigeration conversions.
• Xeriscaping and hydroscaping.
• Planting another thirty trees on the property.
• Using waste water to water the plants.
• Reducing chemical usage.
• Reducing natural gas usage.
• Implementing a "recycled paper products only" policy.

We need your cooperation and suggestions.
Let's conserve more and waste less!

Go Green on the Web.

A websearch for green organizations will yield thousands of results, but here we have linked a few of the ones with highest search rankings.

•Green Restaurants.org
This Chicago website is devoted to the recent trend of "green restaurants."

• Go Green Initiative.org
The official website of the Go Green Initiative.Are you old enough to remember this? You don't have to admit it!

• Treehugger.com
The name says it all. Excellent resource and very extensive.

• Going Green
New York's WNBC has devoted an entire section of its website to the Green movement.

• The Go Green Shop
An online store specializing in alternative energy source products to help people reduce their own energy footprint.

• People and Planet.org
A United Kingdom website dedicated to human rights and environmentalism.

• Oscar Goes Green
The 79th Annual Academy Awards was partnered with the NRDC (Natural Resource Defense Council) to significantly reduce their energy footprint.

Darla's Go Green Blog

It ain't easy being green!

Kermit was right. It is an ongoing journey, at times disheartening, at times humorous...

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We all know what this means.

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We all know what this means.

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